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Sachem Football is partially responsible for turning me into the person I am today. People often wonder why I haven't given up at times because it is so hard to get started now on Long Island, and I tell them that the time I spent running those hills and sprints and the two and three a day practices prepared me for any curve ball that life can throw at me. Coach Fusaro and all of the others coaches on that staff have given me a sense of respect for myself and others as well as a never quit attitude and a sense of pride in myself and the things I do. It was always taught to us players that we should stand up and fight for what we feel is right. We also held ourselves like winners and I couldn't tell you what a person is supposed to do to look like a winner but whatever it is, we have it. There is a bond or a brotherhood that no other program has where we always look out for each other even 10 years later we still do. We also still hold and conduct ourselves in a manner that would be acceptable for the coaching staff. The coaches would always let us know how special we were and that not everyone can do what we do. I feel this is the greatest achievement in Sachem Football history because it is a never ending memory and I'm sure the rest of the players are with me when I say that all of the coaches have given us a priceless gift that lasts a lifetime. Thank you.

Mike Cabella
1999 Season

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