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Fred Kemp

Richard "Spider" Westerfelt

Joseph Taylor '74

The Sachem family has lost one of our most beloved and gifted educators. Joe Taylor died March 18, 2005, of complications brought on by his battle with rheumatoid arthritis.

Joe was a product of Sachem schools. He was a talented athlete, playing lacrosse for Hofstra on a team that won the national championship. This love for lacrosse was a lifetime passion for Joe, who coached the sport throughout his adult life.

But Joe was also a man of tremendous sensitivity and perception, qualities that were evident in his art. A highly motivated and principled man, Joe established procedures and initiated courses that have become mainstays of the curriculum at Sachem South for many years and Sachem East, where he taught for this past year. There are few teachers who share such a passion and such a clear vision for Sachem as Joe Taylor.

Joe and his wife Sharon have three children: two boys, Joseph and Patrick, both lacrosse players like their dad and a 5-year old daughter who has been all along the darling of Joe?s life. Joe?s heart was big enough to encompass not only his own family, but the Sachem family as well.

John W Niski

The Sachem community has lost a true supporter of the athletic programs and a great man with the passing of John Niski who died New Years Day 2008.

John was the TD club president for many years and guided the club through the districts turbulant reconfiguration. His positive spirit and never ending desire to help the boys, families and coaches of our program will be greatly missed.

John was always woking to better the experience for the boys and their parents. He wanted it to be something that would be special and something that they would always look back on with great fondness. John accomplished that and much more.

Johns family, his wife Maria and his two boys Gavin and Matthew were the center of his life. He was a hard working man with a great big heart who was many peoples "go to guy". He never said no to a favor, he never spoke badly about anyone, he was loved by so many people.

We miss John Niski every day.

Richard Nielsen


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