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Football, the popular autumn pastime which we have come to regard as one of the greatest of all sports had a humble beginning way back in the early eighteen nineties. At least that was about the time it became recognized as one of our leading sports. It had been played some before, but it was then that the colleges took it up and laced it on the path to the prominence and glory that it now possesses.

The game back in those days was nothing like football the present generation knows and loves. It was a "he" man's game and played only by the biggest and strongest fellows in the colleges. It was rough almost to the point of brutality and spectators thought nothing of seeing ten or twelve men carried off the field in a single game. The forward pass was a thing unheard of then and the offensive programs of the majority of the teams consisted mainly of terrific line assaults, with the teammates of the man carrying the ball getting behind him and shoving for all they were worth. The team with the most "push" won. But time changes everything and so football has altered much in the years that have flown by since then.

The football we know today depends just as much on speed and brain work as it does brute strength. Now we have the thrilling forward pass, and speedy trick plays. The changed rules too have obliterated many of the rough features of play. The field which the game covers has broadened. Hundreds of thousands see annual college teams play and the big high school games draw from fifty to seventy thousand people for one game. And even more, it has spread to foreign countries where it is rapidly supplanting many other sports.

Football was first introduced at Sachem High School in the year 1959 by athletic director David Rothenberg. Kiernen Lawlor was named the first football coach at Sachem and was followed by Brian Smith. Brian Smith was replaced by legendary Head Football Coach Fred Fusaro in 1971. Coach Fusaro built the program into a program that was respected through out the State of New York. Winning two Rutgers Trophys and six County Championships during his tenure, Coach Fusaro was elected to the Suffolk County Hall of Fame.Coach Fusaro retired after the 2002 season and the district hired Sachem Graduate David Falco '84. In 2004 the Sachem School district split into two High Schools splitting the Football program into two teams. In 2006 the football program at Sachem (North) made a return to the section XI playoffs for the first time after the splitting of the district.

In 2009 the Flaming Arrows regained their place at the top of the Football Mountain when the went undefeated in the regular season (8-0) and won two play off games to get back to the Secton XI Championship game.

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