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Do Away With Power Rankings ??

Posted Sunday, November 04, 2007 by newsday.com

Story Copied from Grag Sarra's Blog On Newsday.com


Who likes the power rankings? Who understands how to break it down and figure out who makes the playoffs?

The answer to both questions in most cases is NO. The power rankings stink. Section XI should go back to the league format. Division I is ridiculously lopsided. School enrollments for the top schools are double those of the bottom schools in the division.

Why are the power rankings fair? Why do we have to have 12- or 14-team divisions?

If we went back to leagues, you would play everyone in your division one time and the playoff picture would be less complicated and easier to follow for the average fan. This week, teams with better records than others will not make the playoffs because they played easier schedules and did not compile enough power points.

Imagine this eight-team league -- Islip, Sayville, Hills West, Rocky Point, Bellport, Huntington, Kings Park, East Hampton.

Or Floyd, Brentwood, Longwood, Patchogue-Medford, Sachem East, Ward Melville, Lindenhurst, Sachem North.

Or Commack, Connetquot, Whitman, Northport, Centereach, West Islip, Central Islip, Bay Shore.

The dream league this year would have been: Floyd, East Islip, Longwood, Riverhead, Brentwood, West Islip, Patchogue-Medford and St. Anthony's (why not?).

Posted by Greg Sarra on November 1, 2007 1:10 AM

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