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Sr .Robby Nothdurfts Poem

Varsity - 2006 Season
Posted Monday, February 27, 2006 by Sr. Robert Nothdurft Class of 2006

A Sachem Football Season
By Robert Nothdurft Class of 2006
as spoken at the TD Club Annual Dinner

It began a long time ago, four years to be exact,
We may have entered with talant, But Sachem pride is what we lacked.

With help from the coaches, and the aid from each friend,
Together we formed one team at the end.

But it was no simple task, we faced problems along the way,
coming together to beat obstacles each and every day.

Who remembers Fishkill and the goals we accomplished there,
The memories that we all will miss, but would definately love to share.

Like running Mt. Misery, and singing while we ran,
Simple tasks, like cleaning the cabins, just made us more a man.

Waking up at five- forty- five to do the morning run,
the only people up at that time, jogging without the sun.

With the week almost over and the days we were left counting,
we got together one more time to run Champion Mountain.

That was only part of the journey, more work had yet to come,
like running graduation hills after games, which made our legs go numb.

From scrimmages to two a days, in the sun and blistering heat,
working harder than any other team so that we could not be beat.

Of course the coaches were always there, to give us what we need,
making sure we work our hardest and at the end, succeed.

Coach Falco was tuff, but itwas for our own good,
making us play with passion, just like real men should.

Coach Woj, what a guy, another one of our friends,
Always carried a taped stick with a tennis ball at the end.

Coach Stock, he'll make you laugh, cracking jokes and spiking his hat,
But he was serious some of the time, always there to chat.

Another man who made us laugh, coach Z was his name.
Thank God we had him to inspire us before each and every game.
Quote after Quote, letter after letter
Sayings like, "Go get em", which only made us better

Then we had coach Lauri, he was cool and to tell you, the fact is,
the easiest part of our day was special teams practice.

Last but not least little Falco brought us thrills,
being the most active in all of our drills.

Not To be forgotten, Mike the trainer, the repair man never missed a day.
He always gave us ice and care and always liked to say,
here's some ice apply it soft... 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off.

With this group of coaches, its hard to understand
that any boy who entered this season didn't become a man.

Our season didn't end as good, losing most of our games,
But the most important thing is the values that we gained.

Like Respect and Honor, Discipline and Pride
Praising our deeds the harder we tried.

Commitment and Strength, Family and Poise.
Just having a good time with the other boys.

But now its all over, we can never go back.
One things for sure, Sachem Pride is what we will no longer lack.

We've grown up together, from boys to men,
I'm sure if we had a chance, we would do it all again.

So with this accomplished and my high school career put to rest,
I would like to say to all of you players and coaches,

I'll miss you, I love you and God bless!

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